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Many more features you ever imagine.


Manage your products, product categories, suppliers easily with our POS. We are not just making management task easy we provide you lots of insight about the process such what are most purchase items and who are the best suppliers.


Utmost trival taks in the business is the sale, we beleive that as well threrefore we have provided way to keep track of your sale, customer and inventory movement in effective and effeciancy manner with our Sale insight.

Make Profit

If the purchase and sale processes are in good track who can prevent you making lots of lots profit. Open your eyes and see yourself. Order your evaluation POS system today.


The places where our Point of Sale makes changes on daily basis.

Clothes & Shoes

Soooooo...many colors, Sooooooo....many sizes. Hard to keep track on.


The accureacy utmost importance.


Enomouse number of items, keep well organize your store.

Fancy Item

Fancy business...Ah. Dream working environment. Looking for fast moving items?

Food Court

Tasty.....but get messed up very easily without proper care.

Grocery Store

The busiest market place. The speed and the effiancy are the key of success.


1,2,3 GO....As that simple.

  • Step 01

    Contact one of our marketers

    Contact one of our best marketing executive near to you.

  • Step 02

    Install the evaluation copy of the POS

    Highly trained our support team members will install the POS system in your shop's computer.

  • Step 3

    Get our easy and comprehensive training.

    We will give you the best ever point of sale system training. No book, no video, no phone call, only personalize training by a person.

  • Step 04

    Ready to go live

    Once you've got the confidence with the system , talk to our finest sale guy to get a good quotation and payment plan that suits your business.

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